Book I Synopsis: The River Stone Awakens

When the star nations are at war with themselves, a child called Laila is found nestled in the wild and cold river valley of the highest mountain village. Prophecies run afoot and the winds carry whispers that the chosen one, the great liberator, the seer, has come at last. While the kingdoms stir and the song of change ripples through the forest, dark counter forces gather strength.

The town of Marga, is seemingly untouched by the outside modernizing world. Farmers speak the language of the land and have unlocked the secrets to cultivating in her sandy dry soils. Until one day, the crops become weak and refuse to grow; they are stunted and shrivel before harvest. Some say the water is poisoned and some turn a blind eye with heavy coins in their pockets.

One long summer day, the sky darkens with a plague of a million locusts. The crops are devastated and even the scarves off the women’s clotheslines lay shredded or consumed. The fear of winter starvation sinks deep into the hearts of the villagers. At risk of extreme compounding disaster; young Laila knows she must do something to save her people. Despite the heavy rainfall that turns to ice and snow, the young girl rides out with a powerful but unruly horse as a companion. The pair journeys through the harshest of mountain ranges with hopes of seeking aid at the High Council of Nananea.

Along the way, Laila hears of the whispering trees and starts to awaken to the peril of her solo mission. The girl is hunted by shadow monsters of doubt and darkness; threatening to dismantle her efforts. The once solid ground of reality starts to shift and many mysterious characters are unearthed along her path. Animals aren’t what they seem and shapes shift in the night. Laila’s goal to save her village takes her face to face with her deepest fears and most incredible of powers.

Will she make it to the great city and receive help from the High Council of elders? Will she survive the elements and manage the journey through the harshest mountain conditions to give a voice to her people? If she does travel the distance will they even hear her case and grant her a remedy? Or will her great efforts be in vain?

Follow along as the story unfolds:

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On the darkest of nights Laila sparkles,
She dances in the Void.

Her veil is made of stardust
Her bare feet drum desire.
Like deerskin padding
rain speckled Earth.
She beckons you with her bangles
the gold chimes of a sweet sound current.She dares you to sneak a glimpse,
of what lies just beyond.

The secret realm
will rise to meet you.
Wrapping you in silk like her scarf.
A comfort almost too intense to bear.Lalia will offer you her royal crown
and sit back and smile as it morphs to a golden snake.Will you fall to your knees as the jewels scatter?
scraping for shards when your nails are too short?

Or will you sense the power inside you
and rise up to meet Her.

The same Lover who calls you,
will sometimes hide from you.
Laila knows the way,
for her footsteps are the drums.
-Laila by Mira