The Nature Guide

a field journal and sketchbook

gecko sketch

designed for working with wildlife sightings and spirit animal guides

-Explore the archetypal and biological wisdom of nature

-Log your wildlife encounters and nature guides that cross your path.

Beautifully illustrated spirit guides of 24 different animals, power plants, and elements. The interpretative writing and poems are meant to spark your creative force and tap root into your own inner knowing, and awaken your inner artist.

It's aim is to help you channel your inner artist and inner scientist. To keep track of your personal growth journey, ah-ha moments, breakthroughs, and valuable insights through sketches and journal entries.

Created by father daughter team, artist Reagan Word and writer Mira Word


Why sketches?


Sketches invite the imagination into the creative space as the floating lines grant the viewer permission to participate. If all the details are filled in, how will the gazer’s mind wander? To places he hasn’t been in a while. To the archive of her creative force? What is waiting at the surface of your mind? What will find you when your guard has fallen asleep?

Written and symbolic art takes you exactly there. On a journey into your right hemisphere. Poetry and sketches help stir your imagination. Your slumbering muse and a waken the spark that is your power.


The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life real life

The Nature Guide was inspried by Reagan Word's magical 6' bronze sculpture, The Wheel of Life. The piece came to Reagan as a vision in 2014. It is currently on as a limited edition display in uptown Sedona Arizona, represented by The Goldenstein Gallery.

The piece is suggestive of an ancient relic that contains a timeless outline of the purpose of life and the soul’s journey through it.

The Nature Guide accompanies this piece to go deeper into it's artistic powers. Also available in a smaller size.

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