Transformational Card Readings

The art of transformational card readings and the science behind the deck of playing cards has been passed down, mostly in secrecy, since ancient times. Following suit, this knowledge was transferred to me by my mother. I grew up with the understanding that the universe holds pieces to the great puzzle of our lives. I learned ways to use outward guidance to drop deeper into my own internal knowing, understand the challenges along my path, and meet the intuitive guide within. The information and guidance in astrology, numerology, and archetypes invite us to go deeper into the meaning of life lessons, challenges, and blessings.

Cards of Destiny

The Cards of Destiny combine the ancient divination systems of astrology, numerology, and the mathematical symmetry of playing cards, to formulate information about an individual’s life path. The number corresponding to your birth date reveals a map that leads to insights about your fundamental personality traits, talents, challenges, successes, and spiritual growth opportunities. Card readings provide guidance for each year and cover topics from finances to career, travel, health, relationships,  love, and spirituality.

Birth Card Overview + Current Year Reading  •        $75

Nature Guides

Art By Reagan Word

I work with nature spirit guides to explore the ancient archetypal and biological wisdom of plants, animals, and earth elements. These readings can illuminate the meaning behind our current life events, find lessons in the past, and direction for the future. Additionally, they can connect you with your personal nature spirit guide, whose inherent and unique characteristics are an offering to enhance your personal power.

 Past – Present – Future Reading •  $50

Attune To Your Nature Guide • $50

What can I expect in a reading?

A session will start with a meditation and breathing exercise enhanced by sound or scent to shift the space into the extraordinary. Here, we can access our inner oracle and the ancient wisdom of the cards.  Then I will guide you through the meaning of your card spread. This will lead us on an adventure into the inner wilderness; illuminating life lessons, relationships, patterns, future possibilities, and the knowledge needed for the path ahead.

Virtual Sessions

Magic can happen in person or virtually, via Skype or over the phone. Readings can easily be adapted to work remotely for a powerful virtual experience.

15 minute first exploratory call is free

How I Work

I see cards as a map of what could be and as mirrors that invoke insights. They reflect back what is ready to come up for attention and healing, either just at the surface or deep in our subconscious. The deeper you go in receptivity and open-mindedness, the more powerful the guiding force can rise to meet you.

I believe everyone is a vessel for creativity, inspiration, and guidance. The more willing we are to trust in the animating power of the universe, the more Spirit can work. Our natural state of communication is constant attunement to our heart. Getting straight about what we feel, is the tip of the iceberg that hides the depths of suppressed subconscious beliefs, resentments, and cultural conditioning. Essentially, all the things that hold us back from reaching our full potential. We venture into this territory to clear blocks and open our hearts to become more aligned with our highest good.

The main thing I do is hold a safe space for you to do exactly that. I have years of experience in my personal meditation practice, academic studies, travel experiences, and being a student of amazing spiritual teachers. My teachers have shown up in my life through horses, wildlife encounters, mountains, rivers, human teachers, and books; like A Course in Miracles, the work of Paul Selig, Tara Brach, Rick Hansen, and many others.

This work is for you if you are looking for:

  • a way to get unstuck, gain a larger perspective and clarity in your life
  • to reclaim your personal power and access to your internal guidance system
  • strengthening (or starting) a meditation practice and tapping into your internal guidance (inner guru) but can’t get through the noise of thoughts and other people’s expectations
  • more meaningful ceremonies and soulful conversations in your home, work, and social life