I call them Spirit Sessions... 

a space in time where we let wisdom and guidance come through. We are all vessels for creativity, inspiration, and insights. Spirit Sessions channel wonder at our own capacity for clear vision, through guided meditations and readings. My sessions focus on tapping into the universal mind, where all questions and answers live together in harmony and unveil the underlying themes and lessons of your life path.


I offer readings using ancientsinging bowl, sound healing, montana sound systems of divination combined with my own intuitive gifts to allow emergent guidance. 

All my sessions are enhanced by sound healing from crystal singing bowls and guided meditations to offer you a space to relax and drop into your inner knowing.


Numerology Readings

I work with the Cards of Destiny system. A gem of ancient wisdom, that connects to the original meaning of our common deck of playing cards. The system offers insights into our life path challenges and blessings by combining the wisdom of numerology, astrology, and the four seasons. This reading can illuminate questions of your past, present, and future. We can focus on matters of love, and chart out influences connecting you and a dear one, or look ahead as you plan the year to come, illuminating auspicious dates and explaining the energetic influences underpinning the cycles of our lives.

Reading Themes 

Love and Relationship - Unlock the Past - Life Spread - The Year Ahead

90-minute session in person or virtual $100

Animal Spirit Sessions

Our guides show up in many forms and animals are a powerful connecting force back to our intuition. They come into our field of vision to show us important qualities to bring back into our lives and important messages to your deepest questions. In these animal spirit sessions, I guide you through a meditative journey into your subconscious where discovery awaits.

60 minutes $75

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