works with Spirit to deepen our connection to imagination and inner wisdom. She connects to and works with creative force through novels and poetry, sound enhanced meditation practices, and wilderness immersion and exploration. Mira entices us to explore our inner worlds and expanded sense of Self by drawing on her formal education studying soil and ecosystem ecology and her lifelong partnership with horses. She grounds her work and raises her voice on behalf of the animals and plants. Her work strives to invite people to fall in love with themselves and the deeper world around them in service to a lifted world.

Writing • Adventuring • Intuiting

Hi, I'm Mira!

Let me tell you a little about this summer...

I went on a road trip through the Mountain West and never left Montana. My time being a forest fairy opened creative portals and allowed me to sneak around the blocks to creativity. I write poems now and when I'm not working with horses, work on completing my novel. Most days I seek wisdom in the wilderness that is now my backyard. 

My mission is to open a door to the wilderness dimension, what I like to call River Time where times slows and flows like the bends in a river.I invite you to fall in love with the spirit of nature, wild places on the inside and out. To urge you to howl at the moon, root into the soil, star at the stars and find your way North. I share my journey Northward here:

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The art on the website is done by my talented dad, Reagan Word.


A Poem About Me

I can feed you the words

of who you expect me to be.

The formalities, the titles, the accolades.

The truth is,

I am a fellow traveler.

One who has been lost

and refound.

Over and over again.

Who has asked for help,

found guidance in dry places.

One who has forged a trail,

that has led you to me.

I see into the mirror of truth.

Detect the corrosion around your heart.

The questions scrambling up your throat,

the emotions on your breath and

the whispers of your heart.

I speak for the birds,

the bats, the bears.

I dance to the music of leaves,

And the howls surfing the airwaves.

My work is the same as yours.

Claiming freedom, forgiveness, and love.

-Mira Word