Who is Mira Word?

My last name is literally Word. I’ve corrected countless misspellers and non-active listeners, “No it’s W-O-R-D, yes, like the word. No, not WArd, it’s Word with an O.”

Spirit, or the universal life force, has been called the Word, logos, the primordial sound current, the creative force in action. The essence of what animates the flower to blossom or the dragonfly to spread her wings and fly. Words attempt to communicate what exists outside of time and space. Inspiration, ideas, intentions, wonder, and love all come from an ethereal realm and we use words to translate their power into a physical manifestation. Whether that comes through in a written or spoken format, we use word power to channel what is formless into form.

We are all vessels for insight and transmitters of the creative force, how we use this power is our unique gift to the world. In working with me, I will help increase your level of attunement to the guiding frequency already at work inside and lightly veiled in the deeper world around you.

My primary gift is of claircognizance, I receive messages and guidance dropped lovingly into my mind. I find the most accuracy through the power of automatic writing (many of us experience this guiding voice of our higher intuitive selves while journaling… that’s why I am creating a guided journal).

Mira Word

I come from a family of meditators, yogis, artists, and divination practitioners. The nature of integrating scientific and psychic wisdom and mystical knowledge runs through my veins. 

My mission is to deepen the connection to the creative spirit inside and all around every one of us. Through my writing, my intuitive work, and collaboration with others in the healings arts, I hope to bring a voice to the plants and animals that are calling us to a higher plane of existence, one where we recognize first our similarities before celebrating our unique fingerprints, where we dance lightly on our home planet and treat all beings with kindness and the right to live freely.

Completing a Master of Science in Sustainability drove me deep into the fascinating world of soil and ecosystem ecology. I understand now that sustainability science does, in fact, need me but not in the ways I thought. It's calling on me for imagination, creativity, and love.

A blast from the heart.
A shift in realities.
A voice for the animals and plants.
A song for the mountains, the rivers, and valleys they carve.

We need stories of wisdom, of depth, that stir our emotional connection to the earth. Stories that infuse life into the world around us. That reminds us of the child within, who already recognizes the beauty in all life and perceives an anima mundi, a spirited world.

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A Poem About Me

I can feed you the words
of who you expect me to be.
The formalities, the titles, the accolades.

The truth is,
I am a fellow traveler.
One who has been lost
and refound.

Over and over again.
Who has asked for help,
found guidance in dry places.
One who has forged a trail,
that has led you to me.

I see into the mirror of truth.
Detect the corrosion around your heart.
The questions scrambling up your throat,
the emotions on your breath and
the whispers of your heart.

I speak for the birds,
the bats, the bears.
I dance to the music of the trees.

My work is the same as yours.
Claiming freedom, forgiveness, and love.
-Mira Word


The art on the website is done by my talented dad, Reagan Word.