sound healing, Mira Word

I am Word, Mira Word.

I give Oracle and Cardology readings to help people connect with their intuitive, insightful, and compassionate natures. My goal is to leave you more empowered, clear, and encouraged to blossom into your fullest and most loving expression. I am a student and teacher of mystical guidance and write fiction with nature guides of adventures in awakening.

Words and other ancient sounds are powerful healers and it is my wish to explore ways we can use them to cultivate more love for ourselves and all beings.

What does it mean to work with Words and offer readings?

Who is Mira Word?


“I’m grateful to sweet Mira for walking me through a journey of self-discovery and empowerment to find my predator energy. I did not expect to find anything new in the guided meditation, and to my surprise, my spirit animal came to me out of the blue. Mira shared a passage she wrote about my animal to understand it better, and I’ve been using that reading even after our session together because it brings clarity to my life.”

-Erica, Phoenix AZ

"My experience doing a reading with Mira was absolutely phenomenal! From the insights and truthfulness of the cards to the meditation, to Mira's impeccable delivery. Everything was beyond. She was SO in tune throughout the session ❤ I highly recommend booking Mira to have an enlightening experience, for personal growth, and self-care!"

-Catey, Sedona AZ

"I am grateful to have met Mira! I love the enlightening and awakening atmosphere when we talk. The experience of our sessions has made me more aware of different parts of myself. Remembering the messages that came through has been powerful and encouraging. To me, a session with Mira is an unveiling and inspiring journey."

-Fiona, Germany


On unity, on togetherness, on frequency.
On lifting, on becoming,
on being (and on snakes)