Hi I'm Mira,

I work as a sustainability consultant and creative in the mountains of Montana.

My focus is on supporting soil health and habitats through regenerative design and ecosystem education for small farms, homes, and businesses.

Are you ready to deepen your relationship to the land? 

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Some say humans agreed to a way of living that is so crazy, it cannot sustain itself. They say humans are destroying their own home and harming vital life support systems.

But here's the thing...

nature doesn't just let us take from her, she relies on us to extend a hand in return. We are just as capable of giving as we are of receiving. Despite how easy it is to paint a gloom and doom scenario when considering environmental issues, there are other ways to frame the painting. 

Earth Elders have been saying for generations that it is through relationship that balance and harmony can emerge.

I love to ask questions about reciprocity. In my graduate studies, my fundamental research question was essentially

"How can humans help the land?"

Studying soil helped me shift into a reciprocal view between humans and the land we walk on. We do not need to save (or even sustain) the earth, but we do need to lift to a world rooted in respect. 

If you find yourself wondering how you can give back and what you can do in your own life to make a difference, we are meant to work together!

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